Privacy Policy

1. Application provider name


2. User information handled by the application

We do not handle user information.

3. Where to post the privacy policy

How to post the privacy policy

Presented on the homepage

The application does not handle user information.
Click here for details on the privacy policy of this application.

The application incorporates and uses AdMob or multiple ad modules.
Click here for more information on AdMob's privacy policy.

4. Method of user involvement

User involvement of information used in the application itself

We do not handle user information.

User involvement of information used in advertising

Cancellation of acquisition: Possible by uninstalling the application

Discontinuation: Please contact AdMob.

5. External transmission, provision to a third party, presence of information module

External transmission / provision to a third party

We do not handle user information.
Therefore, user information will not be sent externally or provided to a third party.

Information collection module (advertisement, etc.)

Ad module name: AdMob
Please check the description of the ad module provider.

6. Inquiry window

We will accept it at the following email address.

7. Privacy policy changes

We will notify you of any changes to our privacy policy on this site.

Precautions for using this software

West-Hino/East-Hino (hereinafter referred to as "the software developer") guarantees the customer all the operations in the licensed program, the suitability for the purpose of use, and the accuracy and reliability of the results of use. We do not take any responsibility for defect warranty.
In addition, any issues that arise with this program shall be handled at your own risk and expense.
This software developer is not obligated to provide the customer with any technical services such as technical support, maintenance, and functional improvement related to the licensed program.
In any case, the Software Developer shall be from the customer's lost profits, damages arising from special circumstances (including cases where the Software Developer foresaw or could have foreseen the occurrence of damages) and third parties. We are not liable for any damages based on the liability for damages made to the customer.
In addition, the customer shall not make any claim to this software developer.