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Stray plugin
Rewrite Call History (For Outgoing Call Confirm) Ver 1.9

Stray app
旧:誤発信防止 (Android 9 以下用) Ver 5.7
つべアラーム (YouTube目覚まし時計) Ver 2.6
丸印カレンダーNEO Ver 4.3

OAuth 2.0

Some applications use OAuth 2.0 to access the Google Drive API.
Its main purpose is to store and restore the data used by the application.
In that case, create and manage a folder with the application name you are using directly under My Drive.
The application has no access to other than the corresponding folder.

Scope to use

・Google Drive API ../auth/drive.file
View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you open and create in your application

Privacy Policy

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